Unhide files

Hello, today I will explain how to “unhide” files on a Windows Drive. Normally it happens a lot to USB drives when you put them in an infected computer. It also can apply to any other writable storage device, not only usb. This is really a headache for a lot of users and sometimes is impossible for them to solve this problem and unhide the files. Any way the truth is that is not very complex and any one can unhide the files following a few simple steps. Continue reading

My Telephone Directory

My Telephone directory 2013 is a free software that it is been created to manage organizations telephone directories and people information. It was originally designed for Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, Botswana. But thinking about a general solution for any businesses and organization. The solution is able to store useful information for the personal that works withing an organization or that needs information about the personal on the organization. It stores data like names, phones, e-mails, fax, departments, designations and much more. Every thing accessible from a web browser on a desktop, tablet or smart phone just with a couple of clicks.Tepephone Directory Continue reading