GLPI ticket system & Inventory solution a very viable solution

GLPI TEAM solution

Team work organization solutions with GLPI

Have a problem to organize team work? have problem to document and follow performance? You do not have satisfactory the statistics about the work done! Have you ever had problems to find simple reports like who is the best worker of the month? Have problems planning resources for the department? Do not know how many computers and other equipment are in the network?

You can use GLPI to solve all those problems. I have a few years of experience maintaining these type of servers for different environment and customer needs. lso I decided to write this post and share some of the things that you can get with GLPI. The main features of GLPI are:


  • Inventory of computers, peripherals, network printers and associated components through an interface with OCS Inventory or FusionInventory.
  • Management of issues on many environments through creation of tickets, management of tickets, assignment, tickets scheduling, etc.
  • Licenses management (ITIL compliant)
  • Assignment of equipment by geographical area to users and groups
  • Management of business and financial information (purchase, guarantee and extension, damping)
  • Equipment status management
  • Management of applications for assistance of all types of equipment inventory
  • Interface to allow the user to file a support ticket
  • Business management, contracts, documents related to inventory items
  • Equipment booking
  • Management of a Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Report generator: hardware, network or interventions (support).
  • Multilingual support with 45 languages available.

team_medium1This solution aims to create a cooperative environment for team work and support teams. In simple terms this software solution; automates the customer care service and the equipment inventories. Before I continue with more technical stuff let me just mention this other review of mine from some time ago.

Server Operating Systems and software options and requirements:

  • OS: Linux (Recommended), Windows.
  • Database: MySQL (Recommended), MariaDB.
  • Servers: Apache (Recommended), lighttpd, nginex or IIS.
  • GLPI, OCS Inventory, Fusion inventory, depending of customer needs.
  • PHP5 or later.


The systems is very customizable and depending on the needs of the end user and you can get the following working:

IP Addressingallows to create IP reports for visualize IP addresses used and free on a given network.
Others alertsallows to send email supplementary alerts.
Applianceappliances creation (composed by various inventory item)
Web applicationsallows to list your Web applications of your network and associate them with elements of the inventory.
Tree viewallows to see your asset with tree view.
Network Architectureallows you to generate automatically a graphical representation of the network architecture.
Asset situationallows to generate a financial report (asset situation) for a given date.
Badgesallows to manage your badges into your network and associate them with elements of the inventory.
Databasesallows to manage the databases of your network and associate them with elements of the inventory.
Best Managementtakes the old plugin Monitoring Agreement and adds new features.
Certificatesallows to manage your certificates into your network and associate them with elements of the inventory.
Behaviorsallows to add optional behaviors to GLPI.
AccountsAllows to manage the accounts of your network and associate them with elements of the inventory
Item’s uninstallationallows to manage automate some process when an item is out of inventory
Environmentallows to group 7 plugins to one for more visibility of plugins menu.
Eventlogallows to list the events from Eventcentral (4.5) tool (by xavier dusart).
FusionInventoryallows to get inventory of computers, servers, switchs, printers…
Rack Managementallows to create racks.
Orders managementallows you to manage orders within GLPI.
Immobilizationsallows to generate PDF immobilization sheets.
Suppliers importsallows to inject financials information from manufacturers web site files in GLPI.
Print to pdfallows to select and export information of an equipment to PDF file.
Barcodeallow to generate barcode.
Entities portalallows to manage entities.
Reportsenables additional reports.
Human Resourcesallows to manage resources to properly manage the allocation of material.


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