My work is to create solutions for high availability systems, performance tuning, DevOps, Linux systems. I Help people and companies with solutions for ICT problems for wide range of situations. The more complicated the problem, the more exiting. I am a passionate engineer who has a degree in Computer Science, Linux and Windows certificates. My 10+ years work experience includes network administration, software development, systems automation and research for ICT solutions and team organization.

I am also well versed using technologies like:

  • GNU/Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat)
  • High Availability, DevOps
  • Cloud Computing and virtualization (AWS, Google Apps Engine, Aliyun, VMWare, Xen, VirtualBox)
  • Nginx, Apache, Haproxy, Ansible, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Vagrant.
  • PHP, Python, Bash, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, Elasticsearch, OpenLDAP.

For more information about my services please feel free to check My CV in And do not hesitate to contact me.

My objective is to create trust relationships, not as a customer service provider only but also bonds determined by reliability and availability.

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  1. Hi Ab i can see you have done a lot for botswana and cuba , my reccommendation is that you come open a company here so that we can learn and benefit a lot from your experience.

  2. Mr Abel Abe Guzman is a proactive ICT proffesional with very good understanding, skills and experience in this field. He is a hands-on engineer. Abel has a traceable foot-print in his career… I wish him the best in his future.

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