Don’t pick a job. Pick a Boss. WRONG!

Job vs Boss.

Don't pick a job. Pick a Boss

Don’t pick a job. Pick a Boss. Taken from wikipedia page 2017-11-01

Saw this phrase attributed to William Raduchel. The phrase is all over the place, linked in google, etc. I can not say for sure if he really wrote it. This is the phrase:

“Don’t pick a job. Pick a Boss. Your first boss is the biggest factor in your career success. A boss who doesn’t trust you won’t give you opportunities to grow”


The guy seems smart and all that, but I do not agree with the phrase ideas. Do not know enough about the author to be able to say anything else but I do NOT agree with this particular phrase or maybe is even taken out of context by people intentionally.

I guess people like the phrase because it’s like a pad on your back when you have a bad/horrible relationship for your boss.

That being said let’s get to it.

The boss you have is important, but the phrase does not apply to everyone and is far from “generalizable”. Is a problem with too many variables to be put in a tweet size message. I am just going to mention a few from my point of view: Continue reading