Fedora Linux review & personal experience.

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Good day, today I am going to talk about Fedora Linux, I can not say I am a great Fedora expert. I have been following the project for a while. but I have decided to install the workstation just a few days ago. My main experience is with Debian based distros, Mint, Ubuntu. I kind of know the system, I have been working with it for around 8 years as developer, network administrator, consultant and enthusiastic. I love Linux, but redhat was never an option for me, and it’s not an option at least for server. I am going to talk about Fedora, the workstation. Fedora is a Red hat based system, well actually fedora is the testing red hat, and in any case they are the same family. I my case this is what happened.

I have a laptop ASUS X750J; it’s a very good laptop for my personal needs. It has a core i7, 6Gb or RAM, 750 HDD. The thing is, even with my experience I never managed to configure properly any of my favorite Operating Systems; as I said Debian, Mint or Ubuntu. So I started looking around for options, I decided to try Fedora 21. The experience is amazing, everything worked from the start.I did not even had to modify a single configuration.

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