Hosting network services services and websites basics

hostingHosting network services and websites or blogs like this one is now a days a regular task of anyone who want to conduct a successful business. This is non written a requirement for many other activities as well. If you are not an ICT professional and you have a website or need to deploy some services in your business and you wander where to store them and how. Then this article is for you.

More people than you might think want to get a server at their home or office and host their own websites and services locally. I am not 100% against this type of solutions, but the truth is the all the odds now a days are against it unless you have a particularly special need to have it locally. Let see what are the drawbacks. Continue reading

Website development projects

Having a good Website is very important for modern business, so some of the last  projects that I have been doing lately are related to website development. For instance one of them were done for Team Engineers (Pty) Ltd, Botswana. They already had a website, that needed a platform easier to edit and manage as well as a new look to certain extend and some interactive features. Team Engineers defines itself as follows.

“TEAM Engineers (PTY) Ltd. is a specialist prefabricated accommodation solutions provider. Since its establishment in 1997, TEAM has gone from strength to strength not only in capacity and knowledge, but also in diversity of the product range and our level of service.”

They are the biggest company in Botswana in the business with a very well gained reputation of great quality solutions, for diverse purposes like: accommodation, mining facilities, schools, hospitals, offices, housing, etc. Please check out the next slider for some basic details about the look of the current website.

[metaslider id=1293]

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