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Restart or reboot production Linux server in a secure way

Restart Process The following procedure can help you backup the state of a Linux server running software, etc. The idea is to save all the information that will allow you to go back to the same state after a restart.

Don’t pick a job. Pick a Boss. WRONG!

Job vs Boss. Saw this phrase attributed to William Raduchel. The phrase is all over the place, linked in google, etc. I can not say for sure if he really wrote it. This is the phrase: “Don’t pick a job. Pick a

Training decisions in the industry

Training and coaching people is something I have always liked. Help people learn and felt proud of teaching stuff to others. That is also one of the reasons why I maintain this blog, even when is not really viable economically

MySQL slave master switch

MySQL slave to master switch is an operation required in a few situations. Sometimes master dies and you need to make DB available as soon as possible. In this case if the DB is reasonably big then restoring from backup

Mysql DB server OS change / replacement or distro upgrade; study case

Mysql DB server OS change: Mysql DB server OS change might be required in different situations, but for those who do not know what I am talking about, let me start by explaining what this is and why you might

recursive python; copy files, directories and set ownership

Hi, today I want to post a small script to copy files and directories and add a specific owner to a folder. I did this script myself and I am fairly new to python, about 6 months of experience. If

ctime, mtime and atime; find command

ctime, mtime  and atime are very useful commands when dealing with time related search commands in the linux Family of operating systems. This post is about how to use them in a simple but yet very powerful way. Let’s get

Hosting network services services and websites basics

Hosting network services and websites or blogs like this one is now a days a regular task of anyone who want to conduct a successful business. This is non written a requirement for many other activities as well. If you

Website development projects

Having a good Website is very important for modern business, so some of the last  projects that I have been doing lately are related to website development. For instance one of them were done for Team Engineers (Pty) Ltd, Botswana. They

The anti DRM day is coming

DRM Blast e-mail from defective by design: “It’s two days before the International Day Against DRM and our community is kicking into gear. We’ll come together as a strong movement and we’ll make sure the world hears our message: Digital

Fedora Linux review & personal experience.

Good day, today I am going to talk about Fedora Linux, I can not say I am a great Fedora expert. I have been following the project for a while. but I have decided to install the workstation just a

Web hosting administration software free alternative.

Hi, have engaged myself on a quest to look for an administration panel for my customers hosting. I want a good one to have it as an alternative to cPanel, the truth is that every day I like the cPanel

Update multiple tables from a column; MySQL

Update multiple tables from a column is something that does not happen very often. Personally I never had to do it. I came across this question from a friend. He is programming something, and he had the following situation: field_data_body

Synchronization GLPI LDAP or Active Directory

Synchronization GLPI LDAP. GLPI is a very popular ticket (call) system. It has a lot of features that make it competitive with any other ticketing or ICT management system. Some of the features that I have configured before are here.

LDAP linux configuration and install from source

Hi, if you want to configure LDAP (OpenLDAP) properly and you have never done it, I advise you to read a lot of nonsense out there that people write on blogs like mine, before actually trying. After reading a lot

Hits, visitors, challenges and achievements; Abel world

Visitors, my personal blog is more than one year now. During this time I managed to achieve a few things 🙂 and some others not so well. As an ICT professional this was my first adventure with having my own blog.

Network segmentation for business

Network segmentation was created to help dividing network from each other. Wikipedia defines it as: “Network segmentation in computer networking is the act or profession of splitting a computer network into sub-networks, each being a network segment or network layer. Advantages of

GLPI ticket system & Inventory solution a very viable solution

Have a problem to organize team work? have problem to document and follow performance? You do not have satisfactory the statistics about the work done! Have you ever had problems to find simple reports like who is the best worker

Git client configuration for a local server.

Configuring a git client can be painful sometimes if you are a beginner. I struggled the first time I configured git too. So I am creating this material for others like me to be able to configure git. I hope

Squid proxy server working example Debian GNU Linux

Hello guys, this is post is about an squid working example. The version of the squid that I am running is 2.7 stable. you can check it out running: [email protected]:~# squid -v Squid Cache: Version 2.7.STABLE9 configure options:  (…) [email protected]:~#