GLPI for technical support, the free tickets System.

GLPI Statistic Charts

GLPI Statistic Charts

GLPI is a free Tickets System distributed under GNU/GPL license. But When do you need a ticket system like this? This is one of the biggest challenges of the technical support  companies or technical support teams. If they have to deal with many customers and the response times are critical. To be able to track, follow and organize the work of the different technicians that are supposed to do the actual job. In this scenario the paper work always becomes a challenge, accessibility, loose of information, spell and writing errors, individual and collective statistics, reporting, etc.

This GLPI post is part of the promised series of business automation solutions, so far I have this post and the one about GPS Fleet tracking. And also you can take a look about Using Linux servers for network infrastructure.

In the other hand if the information is in digital format. It can be backed up easily. And if the system is web based like GLPI you can access it from any Internet connection. And the rest depends on every one’s needs. You can have fancy charts that are easier to read. Reports about the performance of the team on a particular employee, etc.

Now you can read about the GLPI project official features here. From my point of view the most important features are:

  1. OCS inventory integration module. This is a project to automate the inventory of computers. Integratin GLPI with OCS You receive information about your computers every day and can have statistics about your inventories easily. and also asing job to a specific computer or guess out how many ram memories your company is going to need in one year based on historical information. I am going to create an other post about OCS in the near future.

    GLPI central console

    GLPI central console

  2. Easily extensible through your own plugins. You just need to know some programming and understand GLPI. and you can develop your own piece of software to work with it.
  3. A reach statistical module with very self explainable graphics.
  4. A robust security module.
  5. Facility to track workers behavior.
  6. Contact management.
  7. Budget management.
  8. E-mail automated reminder or adviser.
  9. Knowledge base

GLPI has a lot other functionality. But those are the ones I have been using and enjoying  more along a few years. Now the system requirements are PHP5.2, a web server like apache, IIS or other and MySQL server 5. As you might have notice already if you know these technologies, the system is multiplatform and it can work under windows Linux or any other system always that you can meet it’s requirements.

Thank you guys for reading this. If you want to maintain your own server and have questions, feel free to ask here. If you are looking for someone someone to do it, check out this sample list of figures and prices.






2 thoughts on “GLPI for technical support, the free tickets System.

  1. Hi,

    Our Company located in Odessa, TX, is looking for offshore freelance ITSM/ITIL professional with good GLPI ticketing system technical support background to support, analyze and implement new requirement on the GLPI ticketing system.
    GLPI ( uses the following technologies:
    • PHP • MySQL/MariaDB for the database • HTML for the Web pages • CSS for style sheets • XML for report generation

    Initial Requirements:
    1. The customer Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Sync needs some work. The Sync will import new AD users correctly. The Sync is not updating GLPI with any existing users changes made in AD for Example Chad Dunavan was in Department “Nursing Administration” He moved to “Administration” in AD but GLPI does not update with the new department.
    2. The customer need help understanding the SLA for Tickets works. It is set up to assign due dates but the customer needs to understand how this is working so they can make some changes.
    a. How can the customer set SLA based on request Type and Priority?
    b. How can the customer have the system escalate tickets when they are near due date?

    If you are a freelance IT professional with related experience, please send me your resume with hourly rate details.

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