Useful Notes as a solution to punctual problems

I tend to forget where I find the solution for my problem very often, so I will start recording some of the solutions that I find for my different problems, if any one find this list some how interesting or useful in the future please consider leaving a comment or suggest other useful information that you have found in internet:

  1. Move a Symfony 2 Project to production environment in Linux as a solution. Abel Guzman, post: 2013-11-08
  2. Creating entity relationship with Symfony 2 and Doctrine 2. Official Documentation: Symfony; The Book, 2013-11-08
  3. Git hub getting started. I have created my first project in Git hub, for that I have followed this guide in the official page and it worked for me to create on file but then it was impossible for me to upload a whole project and to modify that project so I asked here. Not it is working. 2013-11-22
  4. On Debian 5, 6 and 7 to execute a command at start-up (boot) you can save the command in /etc/rc.local. I have used it for instance to start a headless Virtualbox Virtual Machine and it works perfectly. any way this subject requires more investigation. probably in the future I will write a post about it.
  5. I am learning python and this website, has been useful.
  6. to install a proper development environment in python you need pip, distribute, nose, virtualenv. on 2014-03-31
  7. Install Debian 7 using expert mode. On 2014-10-29.
  8. Routing on different systes. This article is good, even when it has an exact copied paragraph from Wikipedia.

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