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Visitors, my personal blog is more than one year now. During this time I managed to achieve a few things ūüôā and

Pic. 1 - Today's visits per country.

Pic. 1 – Today’s visits per country.

some others not so well. As an ICT professional this was my first adventure with having my own blog. I have been in the field for many years. Mainly doing other types of works. Like network administration, developing software and websites, etc. Never before I have started my own web. Never tried to maintain a my own web to make it succeed.

before starting to explain the results fist let me tell you the objectives of creating the web. When I created my blog I wanted to:

  1. Learn English by writing and being corrected by people.
  2. Create sort of a logbook of some of the work I do.

So far I have half won half lost. Let me put the list of failures first.

  1. My web is not a hit like Facebook. It would be good to have something like that and become a million-er. But it just did not happen. It was not one of my objectives and my subjects are not so general. I have not put enough time on this web. in general I did not manage.
  2. I still have a lot of English to learn, and I¬†think I am a bit dyslectic. I am serious! I write things and I think they are fine. Then review a few times. Everything is perfect. Give it to someone to read and he finds that I made a lot of mistakes like forgetting about letters or changing them. Let say I write “in” when I wanted to write “is”. About the English improvement, if you read my fist posts you will see for your self. For instance check out this one.
  3. My website cost is payed from my own pocket, it does not pays it self yet. But soon it will.
  4. I have not been able to really put all the time I wanted in to the site.

The good things:

  1. I managed to make my website noticeable for a few search terms on the fist page of many search engines. This is SEO related, but I do not really do anything search engine related.
  2. I have been accepted in Google ad-sense.
  3. I can talk as we now. We have Have a few contributors.
  4. I Managed to get many jobs thanks to this blog and the things I have written here.
  5. Actually learned some English. I have to thanks many people for helping me with my English skills. I want to specially thanks my Girlfriend on this regard, I am pretty sure she is the second bigger contributor to this blog. Any way i still need to improve a lot. Your critics are welcome in any case.
  6. I come to my own website a lot of times to look for my own writings. They help me to remember what I did when X or Y. On a daily basis I access this web a lot looking for my own notes about many things.
  7. I managed to make a lot of friends with this web. People who come and ask questions. People who contact me for me to do things for them, etc.
  8. Have leaned a lot more about WordPress; the platform that I am using for the website.

As a conclusion on the subject of good and bad things. I am happy but not satisfied. Let me give you some figures for instance. If you see the map on Pic 1 it says what countries have visited our blog today. The blue means that someone has visited my blog from that country. Something like half the countries in the world have someone who has visited my site today. For instance from US we have received 89 visitors. Now is morning in the western hemisphere. so for

Visitor and visits today

Pic. 2 – Visitor and visits today.

sure this number is going to grow along the day. Keep also present that I have as my target readers only English speakers. So a lot of countries have not many people that can read or be interested on my articles.

The Pic. 2 is showing the visitors and visits* that we have had to today, to explain a little bit. Visit is someone who only open the website and do not click or anything. Visitor is someone who comes to the website and clicks on at least on link on it. This can says a lot about how useful the content was for people. Is not an absolute

Last 3 months, visitors and visits

Pic. 3 – Last 3 months, visitors and visits

number like most statistics. It says that half of the people after getting to our website at some point clicked something in our web for some reason. This numbers can be changed for better at some point I guess. That is going to be my main focus in 2015.

The Pic. 3 shows the visitors and visits during the last 3 months. As you might have appreciated the site is being viewed by more and more people every time. The growth is not huge, but from less than a 100 visitors a day now we have more than doubled that number. This a very illustrative graphic of what is

Search terms and SEO.

Pic. 4 – Search terms and SEO.

happening with the website.

To conclude let me just show you the latest search terms that we’ve been found for. Check out¬†Pic.¬†4, that shows the latest search terms that people have used and found our pages, the country and the search engine.

We have a long way to go still but I trust we will get somewhere with our website if we can manage to keep it up. Thank you for your time. Hope this post was useful for someone out there.

Thank you my visitors for reading me even if sometimes my English sucks. Keep visiting our small family (for now) and if you have something to share please feel free to register and become a contributor. You are allowed to make public any kind of information related to knowledge and personal experiences. Products and software evaluations, etc. Thank you for all the support.


* The statistics do not count the Bots that crawled my website.

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