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Hi, have engaged myself on a quest to look for an administration panel for my customers hosting. I want a good one to have it as an alternative to

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cPanel, the truth is that every day I like the cPanel project less and the free alternatives are getting better. So unless you are committed for some MAJOR reason to cPanel I would not recommend it any more. Use any other GLP like thing from out there, if the problem is support get better support from one of the communities.

This is a small list of other possible candidates for your web hosting server administration. Not all of them GLP like, but really cheap or free:

“If you’re on a tight budget [web hosting server administration], then you should see if you can factor in the low cost of directadmin. Many believe this the best control panel alternative to cpanel which doesn’t break the bank.” taken from here.

Features and platform table comparing some web hosting server administration:

Control Panel ReviewsBackend LanguageOpen SourceLinuxWindowsDNSEmailFTPDatabasesipv6Multi-Server
cPanelPerl, PHPxxxxxxx
iMSCPPHP, Perlxxxxxxx
BlueOnyxJaxa, Perlxxxxxxx
CentOS Web PanelPHPxxxxxxx

Taken from here.

And that’s it about web hosting server administration for today, cheers.


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