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I needed a Slider and gallery of images using WordPress as it is my preferred development CMS because WordPress is very popular all over the world for several reasons. It’s easy to manage in beginner level, there is a lot of documentation and there is a huge community supporting new comers, but for more information you can check here or do your own research in Google. This statistics of use say that there is a lot of business behind WordPress community. But the more business opportunities you can find the more people attempt to make a carrier out of their WordPress knowledge. This has brought a lot development going on the community; of course not all of it with the aims of helping the community, but with the aims of advertising and making money.

For instance I was needing a gallery for this web site as my experimental platform for almost everything like learning English by writing. And I have suffered with a lot of plugins that are apparently a great choice and at the end is the big trick.


WP Vertical slider

My final decision was to install this WP Vertical slider (The above show) and Fancy Image Show (the one below)

[fancy-img-show gallery=”GALLERY1″]

Fancy Image Show

And I have chosen this two for different reasons. From the sliders that I have seen WP Vertical slider is the second less aggressive with the propaganda and Fancy Image Show By Gopi.R nice to work with because there is only one link to the page of the plugin after yo deploy.

Fancy image show

Fancy image show

I love it and I know that who is developing it is a friendly person that you may contact for help, and I’m not saying free help, I’m saying useful help. On the other hand we have WP Vertical slider check the following tiny image:

wp-vertical sliderI have not read what they pretend to say. I just know that they need 1/3 of my screen to say what ever they have to say, that they are invading my dashboard using 1/3 of it for their own purposes, and I don’t know why, but I don’t really like that. Believe me this is just the second less aggressive with the propaganda. Any way it’s at least opensource and I can modify it in the near future (in fact I have already). but to decide that this is the one that I’m going to use I have first checked that the code to modify it’s easy to change.


There is nothing bad about making money with a gallery of images or any other software component, but even if you need it desperately it’s questionable some ways of some developers in the community. With the people who develop websites you can not act as you act with other audiences. You should be polite and they will ask for help from you if they need it. When you are advertising you need to be aware of the destination public and the better ways to get to them.

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